Sample Format
Budget Summary
(Note: These are fictional figures provided for the sole purpose of demonstrating format.)

Primary Budget

Two full page ads in the Easton Star-Democat $2,500.00
Fifty-30-second ROS spots on WCEI-AM 1,250.00
Four billboards (Harrison Outdoor Advertising) 2,000.00
10,000 brochures (Chesapeake Printing) 3,500.00
Waterfowl Festival booth 500.00
Student scholarships 5,000.00
Media kits, postage 250.00
Business seminars 8,000.00
Five percent contingency 2,725.00
Primary Budget Total $8,175.00

Expansion Budget

Two full-page ads in the Baltimore Sun $7,000.00
Two full-page ads in The Washington Post 9,000.00
Fifty 30-second ROS spots on WBAL-AM 1,000.00
Five percent contingency 850.00
Expansion Budget Total  $17,850.00

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