JOUR 304
Journalism Media Writing
(Previously JOUR 301 - Research and Writing)
This class is not currently on Professor Guth's teaching schedule.
This is the first level writing class in the Strategic Communications track. It is also a prerequisite for all students in the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications.  This course promotes understanding of the content, format, organization and effectiveness of standard news and strategic communications messages.  It is designed to improve the quality of each student's writing, as well as strengthen each student's critical and creative thinking abilities.  This site is designed to compliment other online resources developed for the class. This course has been designed in connection with School curricular changes that take effect August 2012.
Quick References and Links
News Links
Elements of News
Broadcast Style Writing 
Prof. Gibson's Wonderful World of Editing
Journalist's Resource (Harvard)
Persuasion Links
How to Write "Killer" Ad Copy
Persuasive Appeals (Strategic)
Persuasive Approaches (Tactical)
Writing News Releases
Advertising Strategy Statements
Writing Links
A few words on words...
Web Resources - Writing
KUJH Broadcast Style Guide

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