Writing "Killer" Copy
Updated 14 August 2015

Killer copy grabs attention -- There is a lot of clutter in the marketplace.  Your spot needs to stand out from the crowd.  There is also a lot going on around the listener.  You want the audience’s undivided attention.

Killer copy keeps attention -- Now that the audience is listening, can you keep its attention?  Thirty seconds is a lifetime in this microwave, fast food, instant gratification world.  Do the unexpected.  Make the audience want to stick around until the end.

Killer copy is anonymous -- There is no personal style in copy writing.  The copy should reflect the characteristics of the product, not person writing about it.

Killer copy is honest -- They may believe you once.  But is once enough?  Honest copy that delivers what it promises upholds your credibility.  It encourages repeat putchases.  It also keeps you out of court.

Killer copy talks like its audience talks --  Speak the language of your audience.  Write conversationally using familiar words and phrases.  This ain’t English literature.  It’s persuasive communication!

Killer copy describes features and benefits  --  The feature is what makes the product different.  The benefit is what that means to the customer.  Example: Billy-Joe’s Microwavable Ribs are quick and easy to make.  That means you have more time to do fun things with your family.

Most importantly, killer copy sells! -- The bottom line is the bottom line.  There has to be a call for action.  And there has to be enough information in the spot to permit the audience to take that action.

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