JOUR 420
Introduction to Strategic Communication I
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Students develop an understanding of how organizations develop effective, research-based communication plans to accomplish their objectives. It examines the role of communications in strategic planning and explores career opportunities in professions such as advertising, public relations and sales. JOUR 320 provides insight into how communicators use critical and creative thinking to gather, organize, evaluate and deliver information in a culturally diverse environment. For students entering the Strategic Communication track of the School of Journalism & Mass Communications, JOUR 320 provides the foundation for core courses in research methods, message development and strategic campaigns. Prerequisite: Junior standing or completion of JOUR 101 with a grade of C (2.0) or higher.
Class Resources
Advertising Age
VALS Types (Psychographics)
KU Libraries: Advertising Resources
Super Persuasive Appeals (Strategic)
KU Libraries: Marketing and Media Research Guide
Ethics Resources (JOUR 608 website)
Persuasive Approaches (Tactical)
KU Libraries: Strategic Communication Resources
MyBestSegments Pyschographic Zip Code Look-up
A Simple Guide to Ethnography

SWOT Analysis

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