Sample Cover Page for Proposed Tactics

Communications Package Description #1

Title:  Fund Raising Kickoff News Release

Brief Description:

This is the news release that will be enclosed in the media packet handed out during the kickoff news conference scheduled for mid-February.  It will also be mailed to radio stations, television stations and newspapers serving the Lawrence area.
To maintain consistency in the format of the plans book, this description should be no longer than one page in length.  Should it be necessary to use a second page, submit the description in the form of a memorandum from your group to the client.  That memorandum should follow this cover page in the plans book.  In this space, you should indicate "A detailed description is contained in the memorandum that follows."
Status: Completed
If the tactic described on this page requires nothing more than the explanation provided in the "Brief Description," simply indicate "n/a" (not applicable).  If that tactic has only been partial completed -- such as having written just the script for a proposed radio/TV spot (without actually producing it) -- indicate the degree of completion here.  In this example, you would write "Scripting complete."
Location:  The news release follows this description.  It is also located in the sample media packet that accompanies this plan.
When possible, each execution should be placed within the plans book immediately following its cover page.  This includes broadcast scripts, brochures, video treatments and print ad designs.  When it is physically impractical to include an execution within the plans book -- such as video tapes, audio cassettes, media kits, and promotional items such as T-shirts -- this is the place to indicate where the client can find them (usually within a portfolio accompanying the book).

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Updated November 19, 2009